Hahnemann to Bonninghausen about Dr. Hirschfeld of Bremen

Cothen, March 9th, 1833.

The physician from Bremen, who inquired from you about our method of treatment, was perhaps Dr. Hirschfield, who stayed with me for seven days.

I expect a great deal of good from this skillful and eager convert.

A less important one from Erwitte, near Soest, will also do some efficient work ; he has already been here a fortnight.

However I made a wonderful acquaintance within three days, in the person of Geh. Hofrath Dr. Kramer, physician-in-ordinary to the Grand Duke of Baden, who took lessons for two months from one of my good pupils of Leipsic (Hornburg) and was instructed by him in the practice of homeopathy.

To my great pleasure he was really well initiated and instructed in his 60th year.

He will gain great advantages for our science in Baden.

Samuel Hahnemann.

Source: Supplement 100